CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera's

Below you will find a wide range of CCTV Camera's which can be used for added security and monitoring around the premises.

These CCTV Camera's can be used as part of an intercom system or a surveillance system for added secuirty. When connected to the Eyevision® Intercom Systems the user will be able to monitor around the premises from the intercom monitor. When these camera's are connected to a surveillance system the user will be able to record footage captured by the CCTV camera's onto the DVR/Recording system.

When connecting these CCTV Camera's to a surveillance system the video output is connected via BNC connectors (already fitted) and powered via 12V DC.

Pre-crimped ready to use cables for these camera's can be found in the CCTV Cable category.

For an intercom system with a built in DVR recording system please see the Video Intercoms with DVR category.

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