Right Hand Side AC Powered BOOM GATE System Basic Kit with 3-6m Extendable Boom Gate Arm

AU $1,455.00

Right Hand Side AC Powered BOOM GATE System Basic Kit with 3-6m Extendable Boom Gate Arm

Product Price: AU $1,455.00

Product Code: BG-AC-BK-RH

Basic Package Deal
Extendable Boom Gate Arm, Motor Kit & Hardware
Complete Boom Gate and Automation System

This boom gate system needs 1-2 business days preparation time after the order has been placed. Pick-ups are welcome after the order has been placed from our showroom/warehouse. To obtain a courier quote anywhere within Australia please feel free to contact us. We ship all around Australia.
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Product code: BG-AC-BK-RH
Boom Operator
AC Powered Boom Operating System for security and traffic control management designed for entry and exit points at industrial complexes, body corporate managed complexes, factories, schools, car parks, caravan parks and more.
The boom extendable arm is suitable for a up to 6m (adjustable 3m to 6m) opening, the main body is constructed from strong steel, the motor is very quiet and fast on opening and closing, with precise limit adjustment (please see further details on this below), easy to adjust the balancing springs that guarantee a smooth movement, and is coupled with a heavy duty gear box specially designed to give a smooth opening and closing operation.

Control Panel:
The control panel is fitted with 3 push button switches, UP, DOWN and emergency STOP. The control panel is completely pre wired to the motor with an onboard internal power transformer and is pre-wired to a 10Amp power plug (the control panel is ready to plug into a power point).

Precise Limit Setting Encoder:
The open & close limits setting for this boom operating system is by way of a precise encoder procedure which counts the revolutions of the motor internally in order to open/close the boom arm in the same position each time.
Complete Boom Gate and Automation System

Boom Gate Operator Layout

Complete Boom Gate and Automation System

Left or Right Hand Side

This ad is for a extendable arm is suitable for a up to 6m (adjustable 3m to 6m) opening right hand side unit, for a left hand side unit please see left hand side ad.
Complete Boom Gate and Automation System


PowerAC220-240V, 50HZ
Duty Cycle100%
Motor Power120W AC
Working Temperature-20℃~50℃
Opening/Closing time6 seconds
Individual Inputs (Open/Stop/Close)Momentary Voltage Free Contact (NOT latching contacts)
Open Position Relay OutputNormally Open/Normally Closed
Closed Position Relay OutputNormally Open/Normally Closed
Light Output Relay12V, 24V, 240V AC/DC
DC12V Auxiliary Power OutputDC12V output, 100mA max

Supplied Kit Contents

1 x Powerful Boom Gate Motor & Gear Box
1 x Extendable Right Hand Side up to 6m (adjustable 3m to 6m) Boom Arm
1 x Extendable Boom Gate Arm Cradle
1 x Administrator Control Panel
1 x Remote Control
1 x Mounting brackets
1 x Fixing dyna bolts

Operating Accessories for Boom Operator

The system can be controlled from any or all the below optional controlling devices:
- Keypads (wireless or wired)
- Remote Controls (standard or long range)
- ID Swipe card Readers
- Finger Print Readers
- Push Button Switches
- Key Switches
- GSM Switch (Telephone Dialer)

Sensors which can be connected to the system:
- Exit/Entry Wand, to automatically open or close the boom gate
- Loop Detector, to automatically open the boom gate or as a safety sensor to prevent it from closing on a car or person
- Photoelectric Sensors, to prevent the boom gate from closing on an car or person

Please note: These optional accessories are not supplied in this package but are available for purchase on our website. Please see further details on all these accessories down below.

Optional Add On Accessories

Please note: this accessory is not supplied with this kit but is available for purchase through our website or upon ordering.
Standard Remote Controls
(Product Code: APC-RC4s)
Remote Control with Sun Visor Clip
(Product Code: APC-RC4SV)
Long Remote Controls
(Product Code: APC-RC450s)
Switch for Operating the Boom Gate
(Product Code: PB-D211)
Standard Remote ControlsRemote Control with Sun Visor ClipLong Remote ControlsSwitch for Operating the Boom Gate
APC remote controls with high security rolling code 433.92MHZ. Please see the 4 channel control panel features above for remote control functions.

Four button remote control transmitter used for APC Swing Gate Systems, Sliding Gate Systems & Boom Gate Operating Systems.

• Featuring High Security rolling codes transmitting a unique code chosen at random
• Small & Slim design
• Sun Visor Clip for Easy Car Access

Long Range Remote
Compatible with the APC gate opening systems,
Powerful remote with 400-800m transmitting range.

- 433.92Mhz Rolling Code
- 4 Buttons with 4 functions
- Extendable antenna
- Changeable 9v battery
- ON/OFF Safety switch

Momentary N/O double push button, ideal for controlling the open/close functions of the boom operator and all other appliances requiring a momentary switch activation de-activation.
Please note: this accessory is not supplied with this kit but is available for purchase through our website or upon ordering.
Wireless Two Channel Keypad
(Product Code:APC-KP2-W)
Wired Keypad with Built in Card Reader
(Product Code: APC-KP1-C)

Retro-Reflective Safety Sensors
(Product Code:APC-RR-11)

Photo Electric Safety Sensors
(Product Code:APC-PE2000)
Wireless Two Channel Keypad Wired Keypad with Built in Card Reader Photo Electric Safety SensorsPhoto Electric Safety Sensors

APC-KP2W Wireless Keypad Features

- Low Power Consumption only 18uA in standby.
- Easy to replace AA battery powered system (supplied) with up to two years usage on general use.
- High strength tempred glass face plate with an ultra modern and highly reliable touch sensitive operation.
- Blue Backlight illumination upon touch with an automatic timeout to return to standby.
- Two Channel operation allowing the user to control two different items or functions using separate pin codes.

Operating Voltage 12-24V DC/ 12-18V AC
Standalone Single Relay Keypad
Block Enrolment for Quick installer setup
Up to 2000 Users
Sealed and Waterproof keypad (Conforms to IP68 Standards)
Built In Card Reader
Built In Buzzer
Normally open and normally closed contacts
Adjustable latching time
Adjustable alarm time
Keypad Lockout option
Exit Button Input
Alarm Output
4-8 Digit pin code
Metal Casing
Blue Backlight
Door Open Too Long Detection (DOTL)
Wiegand input/output (26 BIT)

The APC-RR-11 is a Retro-Reflective type sensor that is ideal for use when wiring can only be provided to one side of your driveway, garage or automation application.
The Retro-Reflective sensor can provide a voltage free contact with the choice of both normally open and normally closed circuit making it ideal to be used as:

- Safety sensor for gate opening system, garage door systems and all other systems with a safety beam input.
- Opening sensor for units with a dedicated opening input.
- Intrusion detection.
- Parking Detection.
- Connecting to a buzzer system for shop entrys.

If PE sensors are installed:
- The gate will not close while the beam is obstructed.
- The gate will stop and re-open if an object obstructs the beam.
The sensors are wired back to the control panel using the supplied cables.
Detection technology: Infrared
Range: 15m max.
Frequency: 1.92Khz
Power: 12-24V AC/DC
Input: RX 15mA, TX 30mA
Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees
Relay output: 1Amp max 30V
Dimension: 49.2 x 76 21mm
Please note: this accessory is not supplied with this kit but is available for purchase through our website or upon ordering.
Loop Detector
(Product Code: APC-LD1)
GSM Receiver - Programmable via PC
(Product Code:APC-GSM-CH2-3G)
Gooseneck Pedestal
(Product Code: PED-1150 )
EM Swipe Tags 10 Pack
(Product Code: ST-B-10)
Loop Detector GSM Receiver - Programmable via PCHeavy Duty Gooseneck PedestalEM Swipe Tags 10 Pack
The APC-LD1 is a loop detector sensor module that is housed at the control box in the boom gate and is used to communicate with the underground inductive loop wire in order to open the boom gate when a vehicle is detected or to act as a safety sensor to stop the boom gate from closing if there is something in the way.3G GSM device allowing all programmed users to ring the device from anywhere, at anytime with the ability to store data which can be downloaded to a PC for security and monitoring purposes.Heavy Duty Gooseneck Pedestal
Heavy Duty Construction
Powder coated in Safety Yellow

Why get out of the car?, the gooseneck pedestal makes it easy to reach the opening device for your automatic gate.
Ideally used at the entry or exit point of a property to mount the following:
- Intercoms door stations
- Keypads
- Push Button Switches
- Key Switches

Easy to install
3 Pcs design
Supplied with mounting dyna bolts

Swipe tags EM 125KHz used for Keypads and intercoms with card reader.  

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