APC CBSG12-V2 Sliding Gate Control Board

AU $230.00

APC CBSG12-V2 Sliding Gate Control Board

Product Price: AU $230.00

Product Code: APC-CBSG12-V2

APC CBSG12-V2 Sliding Gate Control Board

Suitable for DC, Low Voltage & Solar Powered Applications

Suitable for Sliding Gates

Please note this product is a replacement control board for an existing APC gate automation system. Warranty is only valid when used in conjunction with the APC equipment. No guarantee is given when used for another brand other than the APC brand.

APC CBSG12-V2 Sliding Gate Control Board
Product Code: APC-CBSG12-V2


- 3 Channels built into the control board to allow the following:
* Channel 1 is for full gate operation
* Channel 2 is for operating pedestrian function (partial opening)
* Channel 3 is for operating party mode (to cancel the auto close for a particular cycle)
- Overcurrent adjustment trimmers allows for further adjustment to suit most gate sizes and gate weights.
- Adjustable auto close timer allowing the user to set auto close up to 3 minutes.
- The automatic closing can be cancelled using button number 3 when expecting a visitor to arrive through the party mode function.
- Connection of a DC light using up to 20W, this output is active during the opening and will stay active until the gates are closed.
- Accessories Constant Output: Constant 12V DC output for accessories.
- Accessories Switching Output: 12V DC output only on the closing cycle to conserve power.
- PE Safety Sensor connection input: Energy star output, with zero consumption on standby to conserve battery power.
- Loop Input: Connection of exit wand or loop detector sensor for opening only.
- PB1 Input: Connection for push buttons, keypads and other access control for pedestrian gate operation.
- PB2 Input: Connection for push buttons, keypads and other access control for full gate operation.
Please note: Connection of a DC light or loop detector/exit wand sensor requires an additional power supply to be used due to the high power consumption, therefore it is most likely not possible to use one of these accessories in a solar powered applciation.



AC Input10-15V AC
Solar Input21V DC Max. 60W
Standby Current Draw30-40mA
Frequency433.92MHZ Secure Rolling Code
Battery Output13V
Accessories Output12V DC +/-10% 200mA Max
Light Output Relay (N/O)12V DC Supply Required (20W Max)
PE Sensor InputNormally Closed (Voltage Free)
Loop Detector InputNormally Open (Voltage Free)
Open/Close InputNormally Open (Voltage Free)
Light OutputPower Supply Required
Motor Output ConnectionTwo wires (including limit switches)