9 Metre BEAM Progression Variable Speed Hose Kit

AU $233.00

9 Metre BEAM Progression Variable Speed Hose Kit

Product Price: AU $233.00

Product Code: CV-PHK9-VS

Product Code: CV-PHK9-VS


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9m Progression Variable Speed Hose Kit
for use with BEAM Platinum Systems
This Light-weight, comfortable soft grip and ergonomic hose handle help reduce strain in the wrist and arm. Combines on/off or variable speed controls with superior cleaning tools for optimum ease.
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Variable Speed Hose Features


ergonomic handle
telescopic wand
combo floor tool
crush proof hose

Ergonomic Handle

Vacuum you home effortlessly with the light-weight, ergonomic hose handle design.

Telescopic Wand

Clean stairs and those hard to reach places easily with the convenience of a telescopic wand for extended reach. 

Combo Floor Tool

Vacuum many different floor types within your home with one tool, easily switching from bare floor to carpeted surfaces.

Crush Proof Hose

The rigid construction of the crush proof hose allows you to clean without having to worry about kinks, flattening or loss of suction.

Kit Contents
- 9m Progression Variable Speed Hose
- Progression Telescopic Wand
- Combo Floor Tool
- Attachment Set