8 Apartments building audio intercom system

AU $445.00

8 Apartments building audio intercom system

Product Price: AU $445.00

Product Code: APB-8A

Audio Intercom

8 Apartments Building system


This system is designed for Australia and New Zealand.

Product code: APB-8A
Multi apartments audio intercom system, this system is complete for 8 apartments and also available in 10, 12 & 16 apartments, the system includes an elegant door station, 8 audio hand sets and a power supply with battery back backup for emergency's.

Once the visitor presses the relevant button to an apartment the bell within that apartment will ring, and once the hand set is lifted a two way conversation can be started or the door can be opened by pressing the unlock button on the hand set.

8 Apartments Building system
Indoor hand sets
8 x ABS plastic hand set with unlock button to operate the electric lock.
External door station
Elegant Aluminum weatherproof with name or number plates, one for each apartment.
8 Apartments Building system
8 Apartments Building system

Power Supply
220-240V Input
15V Output
With battery back up

8 Apartments Building system

Package contents
  • Outdoor door station with 8 call buttons
  • 8 Indoor hand sets
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 Battery back up