4 Inch Video intercom system with gold trim

AU $249.00AU $174.30

4 Inch Video intercom system with gold trim

Product Price: AU $249.00AU $174.30

Product Code: EV-694GL-293

Modern Colour Video Intercom System

Colour: White monitor with Gold/Orange trim
ü4" Colour LCD – TFT Monitor
üWhite colour monitor hand setwith Gold trim
üOSD menu (on screen direction)

üMulti monitors connections
üMulti door stations connections using an MDS board
üMulti security camera's connections using an MDS board
üGates & Door opening functions

Modern Colour Video Intercom System
This video intercom system is capable of delivering Video and Audio over a short distance or long distance grater than 300m, please see cable requirements below.

Advance intercom system with a difference, not only
can you monitor your front door and talk to your visitors like you would with a standard system, with this system all installed monitors or audio phones can talk to each other and all monitors and audio phones have total control including opening a 12V electric door or gate striker requiring up to250mA or dry contacts for automatic gates.

The system also supports a connection of up to 4-door stations using a 4-way MDS interface board, or a mixture of door stations and security camera's (CCTV camera's), 4 door stations or 4 security camera's allowed or a mixture of both
totaling up to 4, imagine being able to monitor anywhere within your premises, indoor or outdoor using CCTV camera's (play grounds, the yards, indoor rooms, granny flats, store room, use your imaginations as the list of places are endless).

* 4" Colour TFT-LCD screen
* Night vision capability: The outdoor camera has 3 illuminating LED for night viewing
* OSD Menu selections: The on screen menu allows you to hear and choose from 15 welcoming tunes and adjust the volume and adjust the scene mode
* Intercommunication: the system can communicate with 4 installed monitors.
* Upgradable to 4 monitors and 3 Audio phones: The system can handle 3 extra monitors and 3 audio phones
* Multi door stations: The system is designed to connect to 1 or 2 door stations but using an interface 4-way board you can install more door stations.
* Security: You can connect and monitor 3 CCTV Security cameras (compatible with most camera's) using a 4-way board .
* Gate-Door opening: The system allows for door release of 12VDC or dry contacts present at the gate's end (no need to run extra wires from the inside).
* Cable: The system requires and uses 4 core screened cable for distance of up to 100 meter, if the distance is greater than 30 meters and for up to 300 meters a co axle cable is required is required for the video and not less than 1mm for the remaining 3 wires.
The price advertised does not include cable as we allow you to choose the cable size that suits your requirements from the following
The connection example below shows a basic system of 1 Monitorto 1 door station
Modern Colour Video Intercom System
The connection example below shows a4 Monitorsto 1 door station
Modern Colour Video Intercom System
The connection example below showsthe maximum system capacity of 4 Monitors, 2 door station, 2 CCTV and 1 MDS camera interface/switcher
Modern Colour Video Intercom System
Power supply for indoor monitor:DC 15~18V (supplied by Adaptor)
Power supply for Door Station:DC 10~12V (Supplied by Indoor Monitor)
Audio Phone :DC 10~12V (Supplied by Indoor Monitor)
Power consumption:Standby 0.5W; Working status 15W
Monitor screen:4 Inch colour TFT-LCD
Camera Lens:3.6mm, 72 degree horizontal visual angle
Resolution:420 TV lines
Video signal:1Vp-p, 75O, CCIR standard
Connection mode:4 core cable
Monitor time:30 seconds
Talking time:90 seconds
Monitor Dimensions
Monitor size (EV-694)
Eyevision  ®
EV-293 door station

Modern Colour Video Intercom System

Ultra slim, quality door station with a bonus aluminium rain cover.

- Surface Mount, fits on walls, brick peers and most metal posts
- Compatible with all of the Eyevision® range of systems
- Sony high performance CCD Camera
- 6 Infared for night viewing
- Auto white balance adjustment
- Name tag with back light
- 4 Wire Connection to the indoor monitor
- 2 Wires to the automatic gate or 12V Electric Striker
- Can connect with 3 other door stations
- Lock Power Supply: 12Vdc, 450mA (Supplied by system)
- Power Consumption: 1W in standby, 12W in working

Door Station Dimensions:
184mm High
124mm Wide
32mm Deep

Rain Cover Dimensions:
188mm High
129mm Wide
39mm Deep